Sunset Golf Association

SGA is open to all golfers who play at Sunset Golf Club and hosts over 100 individual and team events every year.

SGA Tournament Fees

Standard Tournament Fee is $25.00 and is broken down as follows:

$15.00 to tournament payout “day money”
$10.00 to year end tournament purse

In addition to the posted weekend tournament schedule. 9 Hole individual handicapped tournaments are held on Mondays (Individuals can play on Saturday and Sunday with 3 members) Click here for the current tournament schedule.

You must be a SGA member to win prize money in SGA tournaments. Players who are not current SGA members will have their 2008 SGA dues deducted any prize money won. The 7-stroke rule is in effect for all SGA individual tournaments.

A Flight - Tino Rico

B Flight - Mark Sheets

C Flight - Ted Crone

D Flight - Nualla Berrells